Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keep It Fresh Girls ( sex)

To all my girls , prudes , straight laced , yes you ... All of you . Long term , marrieds and gf's , this is for you . Don't scrunch your nose up at me . I'm a master at men when it comes to this department so listen up !!!! This is sex it up boot camp!!!

Have you heard the term what peter won't do , Paul will do ? That goes for you ladies too !!! No matter what you think about your lazy dirty men .. There are woman , scantily clad woman , no panty wearing woman after your men . 

So , here's how to keep it fresh . I don't care your age , weight . 

1. Work out . Keep it real and keep it healthy 

2. Surprise him some where with sex 

3. Send dirty texts 

4. Send sexy pictures / videos 
Heck make videos with him 

5. Buy new lingerie 

6. Let him out w the boys !!

7. Go out on a dirty weekend 
Go to strip club why not go have fun 

8. If your religious no strip clubs lol 

9. Sex outside 

10. Blow jobs any where 

Start with these I know you girls are behind 

Ugh !!  

- Agent Orange 

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