Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Amy Bible

If someone could just of told me sooner . 

That - 

It's alright to eat cake with your fingers in the car , and it's not alright to let anyone's opinion dictate who you are , and never let anyone talk down to you , further more never devalue yourself because every single thing you do comes from the power of your own mind , so love yourself and believe in your self you are in control of your own success . Do not be your worst enemy the world is full of evil people already . And love your enemies , not for them for you . Love unconditionally do not expect return . Life is not black and white when someone walks away it's probably because of that grey area so relax the answer will come in due time and trust me it always does in this case follow your heart . 

True love only happens once , if you have not experienced it keep your eyes and heart open , if your not sure you have then you haven't , 

Always stay calm . Never involve yourself with people who are toxic . Remember to love whole . Never give your self easily . 

Never become dependent on anything it will kill you . That is just a fact . Or kill the best part of you . 

God is real give him control of your life . 
Then you don't have to worry about controlling it . Cling on to what is good and get rid of the rest . And friends who are easily swayed are not your friends . 

Never compare yourself to others . You are never going to be a model but it doesn't mean he doesn't think your not beautiful . 

Be healthy we live once . 
Do not let your fear of anything drive you like I said we live once . Crush your fears 
Fear is just a lie . 

Leave a bad marriage if it's un fixable true love is out there . Once again we only live once . Sorry it's true . 

Live in joy and be thankful , love your friends and no matter what your truth is never lie . 

Nothing is more important than your kids 
Chase nothing . 2 people should come together , 

Listen to music , set daily goals and always be moving forward . Life is a beautiful journey live it . And love the journey . Good or bad . You learn every step of the way . 

Plug your ears to na Sayers - 

Love with all your heart - 

Agent Orange 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Number On My Back

It's late the day has run stale I'm listening to AFI in bed and I'm writing to you about the number system - 

I mean it goes something like this , 
Last night was amazing , we been seeing each other for a few months now and we connect . For some reason he disappeared ? Never to be heard from again ? 

I call this the number system , like a tagged and numbered human ready for the slaughter . Doesn't mean you slept with them , maybe you did , maybe you didn't . My point is , the number system works when your left questioning in the end . 

Now the number system is NOT - ok when you have a one night stand or two night stand of great sex and great connection knowing it's just that . 

So I want this blog to cover all aspects of what is ready for slaughter and what you indeed tagged your self " ladies." 

Pardon me while I clear my throat but it's true . So let's remove those Scarlett's letters and get down to the dirty truth . 

Example A.
You have a unicorn he isn't the settling type , you know this - DO NOT shake your head at me , you have the best sex of your life , he's amazing , he's a god , 
Yes he is , but we know coming in what he is . You can't change him and then be mad you didn't change him . Or be sad he does not text or call / 

All you can do move on . Or maybe have another night of fun . 

You were tagged you are just a number this is the number system . You can't be mad but it is what it is . 

Example B. 

You date someone a few months and things are perfect . So it seems . You talk all day , things seem great then one day he is gone . Maybe you met his friends and family . Your left with the burning question , what did I do wrong ? 

Your Prince Charming has vanished you feel like a foolish girl . 

We're you tagged for the kill ? Maybe , maybe not . 

Google seems to have an answer for everything . But I think I have the better answer . 

All in all some men are bad at communicating , some or most can be cowards . Not ready to commit . Maybe there scared , immature , maybe they have issues , but someone who walks away do they deserve you ? 

Your hear left alone to find someone else that does not bother them because at the moment they are more important than you . Last time I looked I was very important to myself . So why would I choose  someone who does not put me first or any where at all ? 

You only deserve the best . People should be chasing each other , being there through the very best and the very worst . 

So how do we become from being another number ? Giving ourself for nothing ? 

I don't have the answer . But don't become bitter or angry or you will start writing numbers - and you are not that person or you wouldn't be reading this now . 

Make sense 

Agent Orange