Saturday, July 26, 2014


Best advice I got was from my best friends ... A group of guys all very good looking , very rich and very bad boys . Best group to get opinions on for sex .

How to keep his attention ? Do not have sex ! 

What was that you say ? 
Do not have sex !

In fact do nothing for as long as possible ! 3 or 4 months . I mean it girls . You girls give it up to easy !!! Same for guys . Girls are tired of being treated like sex objects . We get offered sex so many times a day it's redic ! Hello !!! I am more than my female counter parts !!! 

So on both sides try to not to have sex ! You will thank me for it . 

The News

The News . 

It's not NBC or The New York Times , but to figure out simply if you are chasing someone you really got to ask your self the real question , is it worth it ? Do they love you ? 

This could be a yes or a no question . But what I do know is men should be chasing ladies at least in the beginning . 
No guy wants something easy . Am I saying play games ? Or lie ? No . I'm just saying don't be easy . So many of my girlfriends give it all up in the beginning and wonder why it ends fast ... 

No matter what , this one is not different . Do not be easy . If he isn't calling or texting .. Move on .... 

The lesson of self love and self worth is important too because confidence is attractive . 

I'm not saying don't put your self out there , I'm just saying don't be desperate . Let him chase you . Once game is on it needs to be equal . Let him be the man . 

I mean after all , we want him to be one . So don't nag him ;) 

Friday, July 25, 2014

How To Know ?

  • Why to choose ? You ask ? Why give up the freedom of free sex and no commitment? Because you will always have a void a dark space you are trying to fill. What is that part , that runs so far from intimacy    ... You are filling it with everything else but will never be fo filled .

Giving your self may sound like garbage I know ! I once mocked love songs and love stories I was that girl !!! I am still ... But the difference is .. I know now what true surrender means .

True love means joy in your day for no reason. . Purpose , you become a better person , healthier . More patient . You set new goals . You see the other person in the things you do .
You dream more . You become you . Instead of hiding . You have a best friend , you trust .

There are so many reasons . Trust me . You become brave. , you take risk . You are not a coward anymore. . Embrace it .

The Real Deal On Love

Does love need to be complicated ? I mean three day rules , who is chasing whom ? How long until we sleep with him . Make him work for it and above all else self respect girls . There was a time I admit I was dating 3 or 4 strapping lads at a time . I didn't care when I responded or who loved me . I was selfish . I traveled the world and I was beautiful and my ego was based on the attention I got from these men . I didn't care who I hurt and how I got it . It sounds aweful I know . It's funny , men tell me I'm gullable but I'm not I was on the other end . I was the player . I laughed at taking other woman's men and I was bad person . But ladies and gentleman that was years ago I'm writing this blog to tell the world what is and isn't worth it . I was emotionally unavailable .

I resorted to being single for 4 years and opened up my heart and decided to actually give this love thing a try . Guess what I fell hard.  For an amazing man . He is my world , for me to risk it all , I mean everything for him was huge for me . I gave  him my whole heart . Currently it didn't work out but I was at least brave enough to try . And the old me will never resurface again . Giving your whole heart is living .

Yes , my advice is to not sleep with someone until your in a relationship . Yes , do not give yourself just because you need attention . Give yourself because you love the person . If you love someone give 100% or you will never know what was meant to be .

Don't run !!!!

If your in something that's not 100% question it and walk away .

- agent orange

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What's Love Got To Do With It

This blog is a girls view on love . Honest straight forward blog . So please if you have questions or opinions please share .  I am 36 years old . I work hard and am very independent , I am also single.  For years I played the field and left a trail of broken hearts . I then got married to a not so nice man and divorced . Took 4 years off the dating scene and here I am writing this blog . Why you ask ? For three reasons .

1. I met the "one " the love at first sight thing I never believed in and yes I'm an unemotionally unavailable cynic

2. So far # 1 by my luck he hasn't come around

3. It seems many girls have this problem

Being I'm the most un romantic person I know and my #1 has changed my life I have decided to write this blog for all man kind as we know it . So other people may not suffer the same fate as I . Or will they ? I mean true love is a risk right ?  To finally risk it all , everything ? Life as we know it for " that one " person ?

To be continued ....