Thursday, July 31, 2014

What If Love Isn't Enough

I hate this saying . Don't you ? I never believed it , but it's true . This little blog couldn't hold enough content on the subject of why , love alone is not always enough . 

A. You may love someone you can't be with for a million reasons . 

B. you may love someone who just dose not love you back in same way .

C. Maybe you love each other but can't show each other . 

D. Maybe your with someone who resembles a parent who hurt you , your trying to work out your past ( heard the term you married your father or mother. ) get help or get out !!!

E. Abuse in any way . 

Some times you give and give your needs are not met . 

Some times love just ain't enough 

It's a very sad story 
Kleenex please 

- Agent Orange 

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