Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Lightning

I think for me in my experience being I speak as closely as a man as any woman I know . When I see a guy I think within 5 seconds bang or no bang . The right of passage as a woman acting candidly on it , probability is a no , but I'm assuming men think on the same level . Now on the other hand woman are more ( I want to put this politically correct ) emotional  creatures . So our bang or no bang theory can easily go out the window as soon as a man opens his mouth .

Every day we get offered sex a million times by guys . By pigs , I can't tell you how us woman roll our eyes in groups at your stupidity . Yes this is what woman talk about . The low scum bag form of men , who instead of asking how our day is , say , " hey baby I'm gonna rub my cock on you ." Or " send me a picture " .  Now if .... We are in  pursuit of you  and have established this form of relationship already then this is fine . But really ? To just come up to new girl and say hey I want that pussy ?

I get it if a girl went up to a guy and said hey , let's bang , he would be ecstatic . But in real life that wouldn't last long either . As long as this blog excerpt . So I think every one here gets my point ....

It takes a little effort .

As far as love it can happen in an instant . For me it was like my title lightning  , and that it hit me all at once , It can happen for both men and woman . In there minds , and hearts .
Keep it classy .
The one for you will hear the song you play .

Bang bang
- Agent Orange

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