Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's Only 10

Let's address ten horrible things not to do to someone else in dating . This is for men and woman . I compiled this from dating horror stories and heart felt conversations

I revised this list :

Do not ask a girl for money - I'm not sure what any gentleman with integrity would do this , but since I just currently dealt with this in a new relationship was asked twice for money , and I paid for dates . So lessons above all , men If their really liking you should care about putting their best foot forward , not having you impress or take care of them . Your not their mom or wife , or to be used . You have value a man should treat you with value and respect .

1. Don't play games . Just be you . Period end of story .

2. Be honest . This is hard for many but were all human so be one

3. Integrity , have it . Follow through on your word or don't give it

4. Don't be late .

5. Don't swear when your getting to know someone to me it's base

6. Be up front ! Don't string people on

7. Don't leave with out goodbye . Whether it's 1 week or 5 years everyone deserves to know why

8. If your going to surprise someone do it , everyone loves sweet surprise

9. These rules don't apply to one night stands

10. Don't say you want something more if it's just a hook up

11. Be a friend . I mean after all , like I said were all human so be a kind one

- agent orange

Friday, January 16, 2015

Today's Trend not for me ...

Today I couldn't think of what to write . So I thought of writing about the question us girls ask our selves , is it better to date one or many ? Call me old fashion but I date one person at a time . I see where it goes and if it dosent work then it dosent work . Maybe I'm independent im not to sure , but the idea of putting myself into 5 people seems exhausting ! And confusing . My girls push me in the date a bunch at a time , but I just can't . I'm ready to settle down . I think it depends on what your looking for ? What is your preference ? What ever makes you smile I suppose ;)

Agent Orange

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Bigger Picture

Today we will talk about what I've discussed so many times before . How to deal with a confusing situation . In this I mean , he or she left with no word no reason , or you been with them along time and there is no talk about feelings . Whatever it may be , integrity is lacking . Of course they said , they have integrity , Of course they called all the time . So what went wrong ? I don't know ? You don't know , your friends don't know , neither does Google or Siri ....

What we do know is .. Who cares !!!! Tell yourself that every time you miss them . Because if they cared about you , you wouldn't be sick to your stomach wondering why ! And they would've had the balls to tell you .

Yea ... If they were worth it they would say : hey it's not working because x y Zzzz ....

So , if your up at night wondering what you did wrong to make them leave you , they weren't worth it any way because a true friend would've told you ...

So f u

- Agent Orange