Saturday, July 4, 2015

Turning Point 90 days - what I learned

90 days - 

So far my 90 days is coming to a quick end . I have 30 days left . 

My fitness goals are coming along . My first month I didn't lose as much as I wanted but I didn't give up and I'm still going . My first month on 90 days at work I doubled my sales from the last month , so I need to do more this month or I need to find another job because remember my 90 day goal is to rent a house . 

Thirdly my last one was to be single 90 days to focus on these goals . I've only been dating since December . So not to long , but I learned something in this short break - 

A. I needed to be comfortable in my own skin to be with someone else 

b. Having my own house helps in being with someone as well . So the break was necessary 

In the process I also learned , I really needed the break, because you have to believe in you or you come off as being weak , even if your not . 

So August 11th is the end of my 90 days my goals will never end there . 
But my gift to myself will be a sleeve for sure . 

It's been so emotional this 90 days . More so than I thought . I thank every one who's been a part whether good or bad because it's taught me something in some way . I might love some of you or hate you right now but either way , 
The one thing in all of this I've learned is put God first . Trust in him . The rest will come . Everything happens for a reason no matter what it is . And thank God he forgives us . And all we can do , is try better next time , and do my best every day to reach my goals so I can be the best person I can be inside and out . 

Thank you for being apart of my journey 

To the ones who are there every day 
-agent orange 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I smell the ocean in the air , it reminds me of home . It always has . I feel a smile well up inside me , before it ever hits my face and I embrace the calm . 

As the wind blows my hair , I look over and see you , you watch me and smile as you drive . 
The sun is out , nothing could ruin the day .

I hummmm to the lyrics of sublime on the radio , I grab your hand . 

Saying nothing , everything is said . 
As you make me smile again 

- Agent Orange 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Not Tomorrow

It's 5 am . I can't sleep on this cloudy Sunday morning . My daughter lays silently sleeping next to me , all I can hear is her sweet breathing . 

I want to talk about today . I also want you to grab a pen and paper and write your dreams down . They don't have to be material they could be anything . 

Sometimes we forget our dreams and what's most important to us . We get caught up in today , the mundane and we forget life is fragile , it can be taken from you at any instant . If it did would you have regrets ? 

What would they be . At my job I'm not treated very kindly at all . Get called every name in the book by co workers , managers . They treat us like a concentration camp and people are miserable . I wanted to quit last night , but I need my pay check . But why do I stay there ? 

Is your job this way ? 

It's really time to change things . For you and for myself . There was a man who really wanted an expensive sports car . He made it his goal to do everything he could to get it in 3 months . He currently was driving a very poor car that was falling apart . Every day he went to the gas station told the attendants to wash his Mercedes . They looked at him like he was crazy . He had no Mercedes . They washed his poor little car any way . 

One day he came in with the Mercedes . He said please wash my Mercedes . The attendants said in cheer , " you got a Mercedes !" The man said I had one all along . 

This my friends is called vision . Living your goal and seeing it as it happens . 

I urge you to find your dreams and live them and make them happen . 

Carpe Diem 

- Agent Orange