Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ask Men

I have admitly read a hundred of those ask men articles for answers on just about everything . In retrospect I've learned with out reading all of them , correct me if I'm wrong .. Men are simple creatures . If they want it they will go for it , if they don't they won't . It's really that simple.  Sure there are and could be a hundred reasons why they won't . But in the end if they aren't chasing you does even one reason matter ? These facts I know are hard to face . Trust me . I face  them as well, we all do . Why he isn't calling , or why this or that . Unless your waiting for some answer , then you probably need to move on .

If he is in deed perusing you , well then may the force be with you , and by all means keep his interest .  Ladies you make so many mistakes . Also in long term relationships how to keep him from getting bored . Don't turn your noses up at me .  Because there will always be a pretty girl begging for your man's  attention ! So no matter how long you been together keep him on his toes girls !!! My next blog will be about how to keep it interesting .....

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