Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Real Deal

I can't stress this enough. The one thing I have learned in my thirty ( something years ) Is be your self. I learned no matter what when you are dating or , just out in life , be you.  We start dating someone new we dress their way, dye our hair a certain color. I am not saying not to be a better you , That my friends is a good thing. What I am saying is do not change you to be like them. For them to like you. The likeness should come naturally. We want acceptance so bad, and love , we do whatever it takes to get it. If that is the case they are not for you ) Love and acceptance should come naturally , flaws and all.  

Again , if your love makes you want to try new things , this is a good thing. I am not saying not to do that. I am just saying don't change to gain acceptance. From anyone. Even friends.  

I'll tell you a story. One day about 5 years ago . I had a terrible day at work. I was disheveled and my long blonde hair was in so many different ways. My dark brown eyes I am sure looked black. My mom took me to dinner at Claim Jumper. Their he was a 6 Ft tall dark hair , dark skin handsome man who stood before me. He worked their as a manager. He told my sister who also worked their that he thought I was a 10. 

I'm a 10? I laughed. My point is , where your head high, smile on and always believe in your self. Because you never know who might fall in love with you , I mean he did and were still friends today ;) 

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