Saturday, June 13, 2015

So Far - The Hit it And Quit It

This blog is never intended on my writings to be on present day . It's an advice blog for over all learned wisdoms from my path as well as others . 

My 90 day goal I will document because I feel like it's imperative to learn about thinking outside of the box . Seeing life out side of who you are ...... 

Remember my blog about finding your perfect match ? I told you to write what you wanted down . 

See the picture of your life - and live it .

90 day goal for me and my dear friend Sarah Mikel has become being the list of the best match for our selves . You can't be the star in someone's sky if your not your own in your own sky . 

Sarah gave perfect analogy today . If you take 1 empty glass who comes to another empty glass there both filling voids with out side things . Never ever being able to be happy and fullfilled . Those 2 glasses will never fill each other either . 

If your glass is full then you don't need to take from anyone you have what you need to be happy and then you can give that happiness to your other full glass . 

Make sense ? 

Dating has been disappointing because when it fails I think - was I too ugly ? Boring ? Whatever it may be , it's disappointing . Right ????? How did I come up short ??? 

The full glass thinks - who gives a shit there loss because I'm pretty awesome .

This is where my 90 days needs to take me . I've been through hell and back I'm pretty amazing , I shouldn't be racking my brain over what coulds or couldn't of been . 

We're focused and determined , to be the vision I see myself - for - someone else . Make sense ? 

Now we got this far - single or not get a pen and paper ...... Go - I'll wait here for you . 

Write down your top 3 goals / priorities . 
Do it !!!!! 

No one is perfect were not looking for a perfect you , just a happy you . 

Cheers to 90 days 

- Agent Orange 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


My 90 day hiatus is working out just great I urge everyone to do it . Maybe not for the same reasons but for goal oriented ones . 

For me I have not taken any time aside for my most important goals and they have come second , third , or fourth to piles of other priorities of job , being a mom and financial stress . 

Not to mention do I get to see my friends or go on a date working 14 hours a day and trying to be this mom , and gym rat ? 

Nope ....... 

I'm tired , worn out and broken . 

I took 4 years off dating I started back up 4 months ago . I met some nice people and some crazy people all in all I'm shelving dating for 90 days to focus on priorities . 

90 days in gym , no matter what . 90 days financial freedom . 

These two things I need now . For me and my kids . 

Love can come later . I didn't need a picket fence any way , is it so hard to find someone to share dinner with and covers?

 There's 2 months left 

Carpe Diem 

- Agent Orange 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Can You ~ Handle The Truth ?

Blog Stream : The Brand New.

Advice Blog on life, love, sex, and anything else we can get our hand on. Tonight we will talk about something simple. Integrity.

In life we come across choices . We make several a day . What coffee to drink, what to do at our meetings with our clientele, How to handle a fight with a co worker , How to talk to our fiends. List goes on .

The one thing I tell my friends always under any circumstance is to never lie. Never steal, Never cheat out any one. The only thing a man has is his word. If you do not have your word what then does a man have?

In a marriage with no trust , what foundation do you have ? None.

In a war , you have 2 soldiers out on the field alone . With out trust , can they survive ?

If your kids can not trust in their parents word , whose word can they trust ?   If I tell you I give you my word and i do not follow through , then my word means nothing. Even if it was not as important to me as it was to you, I need to follow through . It was my word.

If I say I love you or I care but do nothing to follow through on my word , what do my words mean ? Nothing.

In today's society we throw out our words with no intention of follow through. There is no brother hood, no commodery , no integrity. We live in a world of takers. Love is not built and friendships do not last.

We wonder why marriages break up, our dating lives are a joke or our friendships aren't what they should be.  Be the person you should be with out expecting a return.

I'm tired of hearing screw everyone because I've been screwed. ....

You see - 
Life is a stage , what is your part ? We live once . To inspire , to create beauty, love, joy,

be true to yourself not your pain or your wounds. Feel something and don't be afraid to do it. Go out side of your box today. Meet a stranger and learn something about them.

Keep your integrity.

~ Agent Orange