Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keep It Fresh Girls ( sex)

To all my girls , prudes , straight laced , yes you ... All of you . Long term , marrieds and gf's , this is for you . Don't scrunch your nose up at me . I'm a master at men when it comes to this department so listen up !!!! This is sex it up boot camp!!!

Have you heard the term what peter won't do , Paul will do ? That goes for you ladies too !!! No matter what you think about your lazy dirty men .. There are woman , scantily clad woman , no panty wearing woman after your men . 

So , here's how to keep it fresh . I don't care your age , weight . 

1. Work out . Keep it real and keep it healthy 

2. Surprise him some where with sex 

3. Send dirty texts 

4. Send sexy pictures / videos 
Heck make videos with him 

5. Buy new lingerie 

6. Let him out w the boys !!

7. Go out on a dirty weekend 
Go to strip club why not go have fun 

8. If your religious no strip clubs lol 

9. Sex outside 

10. Blow jobs any where 

Start with these I know you girls are behind 

Ugh !!  

- Agent Orange 

What If Love Isn't Enough

I hate this saying . Don't you ? I never believed it , but it's true . This little blog couldn't hold enough content on the subject of why , love alone is not always enough . 

A. You may love someone you can't be with for a million reasons . 

B. you may love someone who just dose not love you back in same way .

C. Maybe you love each other but can't show each other . 

D. Maybe your with someone who resembles a parent who hurt you , your trying to work out your past ( heard the term you married your father or mother. ) get help or get out !!!

E. Abuse in any way . 

Some times you give and give your needs are not met . 

Some times love just ain't enough 

It's a very sad story 
Kleenex please 

- Agent Orange 

The Smile

I'm waiting at Starbucks . The barista is beautiful in her auburn hair and pale pink lips , blue eyes and tall thin body . The atmosphere is sophomoric the music is melancholy and I'm dreaming of my morning coffee and writing this blog in my head . The term beauty comes to mind .  How many hours woman spend to look beautiful in front of the mirror ... 

I sit here watching the girl behind the barista making my coffee .. Her hair a shade of pink I've never seen , her eyes a deep brown and her smile radiates the room . This my friends brings beauty to the whole place ... I guarantee she spent 5 minutes in front of a mirror and it's a great reminder , to lead your day with a beautiful smile . 

The other girls got nothing on you ;) 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Lightning

I think for me in my experience being I speak as closely as a man as any woman I know . When I see a guy I think within 5 seconds bang or no bang . The right of passage as a woman acting candidly on it , probability is a no , but I'm assuming men think on the same level . Now on the other hand woman are more ( I want to put this politically correct ) emotional  creatures . So our bang or no bang theory can easily go out the window as soon as a man opens his mouth .

Every day we get offered sex a million times by guys . By pigs , I can't tell you how us woman roll our eyes in groups at your stupidity . Yes this is what woman talk about . The low scum bag form of men , who instead of asking how our day is , say , " hey baby I'm gonna rub my cock on you ." Or " send me a picture " .  Now if .... We are in  pursuit of you  and have established this form of relationship already then this is fine . But really ? To just come up to new girl and say hey I want that pussy ?

I get it if a girl went up to a guy and said hey , let's bang , he would be ecstatic . But in real life that wouldn't last long either . As long as this blog excerpt . So I think every one here gets my point ....

It takes a little effort .

As far as love it can happen in an instant . For me it was like my title lightning  , and that it hit me all at once , It can happen for both men and woman . In there minds , and hearts .
Keep it classy .
The one for you will hear the song you play .

Bang bang
- Agent Orange

Ask Men

I have admitly read a hundred of those ask men articles for answers on just about everything . In retrospect I've learned with out reading all of them , correct me if I'm wrong .. Men are simple creatures . If they want it they will go for it , if they don't they won't . It's really that simple.  Sure there are and could be a hundred reasons why they won't . But in the end if they aren't chasing you does even one reason matter ? These facts I know are hard to face . Trust me . I face  them as well, we all do . Why he isn't calling , or why this or that . Unless your waiting for some answer , then you probably need to move on .

If he is in deed perusing you , well then may the force be with you , and by all means keep his interest .  Ladies you make so many mistakes . Also in long term relationships how to keep him from getting bored . Don't turn your noses up at me .  Because there will always be a pretty girl begging for your man's  attention ! So no matter how long you been together keep him on his toes girls !!! My next blog will be about how to keep it interesting .....