Monday, May 11, 2015

Science behind - love at first sight

I'm listening to Love is Love by Stereo Alchemy love this song . As a writer the one thing I'm not to perfect at writing about is romance . Why ? Maybe I'm not that overly romantic mushy girl who spends Saturday's watching chick flicks or reading 50 shades of grey . I've always been more of a Tom boy , who likes to be a bit vampy . I'm more a little intellectual and sometimes a little blonde and quirky.

But What I never knew was love at first sight . I didn't believe in it at all , I mocked love and everything hallmark . But I know now , I was wrong . I can only hope to find that love again and hold its virtual hand . 

The science behind love at first sight is tricky . So listen close . Come closer . 
We go on mindless dates with expectations and get let down one after another after another . 

It's not their fault it's ours . Let me explain . We go on a date unknowingly carrying fears and hurt from the past we are guarded . We go out with walls . We are quick to judge and get rid of new people.

Our joy and adventure is lost . We haven't mourned our past . 

Think for a moment if you walked in a room saw a beautiful girl but had no worries of her hurting you ? Cheating ? Lying ? You were free to feel ? Get to know each other , be happy ? 

Love at first sight ? Your open . Your heart is open . Imagine 2 people walk in a room . Not letting the past dictate their future , 2 magnates attracted to each other . No walls . A rare moment . 

Love at first sight . Courage at first sight .

Why should every wound keep you from being whole again ? 
So many of us single , we don't sleep at night because we're afraid of the games,  of the let downs . Or can we be open to what can happen . Because the more courage you have the less pain there will be . 

- Agent Orange 

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