Thursday, May 7, 2015


In 2 weeks I'll be 37 . Although I'm pretty happy with who I am inside I still have 2 goals to complete this year . 20 pound weight loss goal , and getting my own place . These two goals are close in accomplishment sometimes it's like sand slipping through fingers and sometimes as a single mom it's a struggle for my life. I don't know what it means to go out and have fun , have a boyfriend who who loves me or even have a simple bath with out a 3 year old yelling mom every 3 minutes . My stress level is more than through the roof . At work I finally broke down in tears , like that 3 year old little girl . With no one in the world to save her.

No one . No knight and shinning armor , no lightning from above pouring money from the sky . My friend from work marina said don't worry God will save you . In her Russian accent . I said when ? 

As the proverbial  walls come crashing down as well as my hard earned strength does as well . 

Will it come ? My dreams are so simple .
So today I decide to give those dreams to God and use my courage instead .

- Agent Orange

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