Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fact V Fiction

Today's blog is based on words vs actions ..... 

I'm faced with one of my best friends grimaced text of finding out her boyfriend is cheating . But let's take this conversation by the hand and take a walk for a moment . I'd like to captivate you , this isn't about cheating at all . 

What got me was a month ago a friend of mine I had a crush on for 6 months touted about integrity and canceled on a date because he was out of town , but in deed I knew he was a meer 30 min away cozy with his girl friend . So what does this blog boil down down to ? 

Any one can give lip service . You can promise me your not this or not that . 
But when a person says one thing but does another - for me that's an exit out .

Not just relationships but friendships . 
Trust is the glue that bonds every foundation . 
What happens when a foundation is shattered ? 
If you love me show me . Don't just say it.
If you like someone don't lie or do whatever it takes to follow through on a promise . 

We're all human no one is perfect of course . But if your saying one thing and doing another that's an issue . 

- Agent Orange 

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  1. Honor yourself and your relationship, and all else will come naturally. Well written my friend, as always.