Friday, July 25, 2014

How To Know ?

  • Why to choose ? You ask ? Why give up the freedom of free sex and no commitment? Because you will always have a void a dark space you are trying to fill. What is that part , that runs so far from intimacy    ... You are filling it with everything else but will never be fo filled .

Giving your self may sound like garbage I know ! I once mocked love songs and love stories I was that girl !!! I am still ... But the difference is .. I know now what true surrender means .

True love means joy in your day for no reason. . Purpose , you become a better person , healthier . More patient . You set new goals . You see the other person in the things you do .
You dream more . You become you . Instead of hiding . You have a best friend , you trust .

There are so many reasons . Trust me . You become brave. , you take risk . You are not a coward anymore. . Embrace it .

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