Saturday, July 26, 2014

The News

The News . 

It's not NBC or The New York Times , but to figure out simply if you are chasing someone you really got to ask your self the real question , is it worth it ? Do they love you ? 

This could be a yes or a no question . But what I do know is men should be chasing ladies at least in the beginning . 
No guy wants something easy . Am I saying play games ? Or lie ? No . I'm just saying don't be easy . So many of my girlfriends give it all up in the beginning and wonder why it ends fast ... 

No matter what , this one is not different . Do not be easy . If he isn't calling or texting .. Move on .... 

The lesson of self love and self worth is important too because confidence is attractive . 

I'm not saying don't put your self out there , I'm just saying don't be desperate . Let him chase you . Once game is on it needs to be equal . Let him be the man . 

I mean after all , we want him to be one . So don't nag him ;) 

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