Thursday, July 24, 2014

What's Love Got To Do With It

This blog is a girls view on love . Honest straight forward blog . So please if you have questions or opinions please share .  I am 36 years old . I work hard and am very independent , I am also single.  For years I played the field and left a trail of broken hearts . I then got married to a not so nice man and divorced . Took 4 years off the dating scene and here I am writing this blog . Why you ask ? For three reasons .

1. I met the "one " the love at first sight thing I never believed in and yes I'm an unemotionally unavailable cynic

2. So far # 1 by my luck he hasn't come around

3. It seems many girls have this problem

Being I'm the most un romantic person I know and my #1 has changed my life I have decided to write this blog for all man kind as we know it . So other people may not suffer the same fate as I . Or will they ? I mean true love is a risk right ?  To finally risk it all , everything ? Life as we know it for " that one " person ?

To be continued ....