Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What Is Victorias Secret?

We all know the answer to this , but do we think about the answer ? 

We need to give men more of a chance ladies. . I think woman expect men to think like women do . We get our panties in a bunch when they notice our breast instead of our conversation . 

Men our visual creatures ladies . Us women spend thousands of dollars on fake hair , lashes and make up , padded bras , for what ? For men to notice our personalities ? 

Yet you get offended when they look at your breast ? 

Men in whole 100% in fact fall in physical attraction first . Then if your lucky emotional . Women are opposite . 

So ladies next time your new man likes your physical attributes don't be so offended ! Don't make your men into women and be patient . 

Just don't give up that booty ;) 

- Agent Orange 

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