Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's just a Funeral ?

Your going about your day , the sun shines bright the breeze is cool . Your driving in your car . Your hair is long and golden blowing in the spring air . Skin glowing , the phone rings ... 

The music filters back to melancholy  back drop where moments ago it drowned out everything around you . Your heart drops . 

The blinders fall , the voice on the other end doesn't seem so friendly any more . They begin to tell you the story . About how one sentence falls to the pit of one's stomach turning to every regret , of why I didn't say I love you ? Why I worked so much and lived less ? Why I wasted so much time with people who didn't love me and left behind the one's who really did ? 

I should've fought harder ! Traveled more!
Stood up to my enemies ! 
But there is no time left . 

You hang up the phone . Realizing there's been a dial tone for a long while.

2 months to live they say . 

Live every day as if it were your last . Take your blinders off . Ask your self . If I called you what would you change today?

- Agent orange 

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