Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to Master the Impossible

Laying in bed streaming Foo Fighters - Ever long . Raigan is sleeping effortless next to me , I'm writing to share some news . 
This past month I had to reach a certain goal , almost unattainable , like most goals we need to write them down , make a daily plan and never stop fighting until you reach it . 
I wrote down my daily goal and hit it every day . In fighting for this goal so hard , there was no room for error . 

How did I achieve it ? I want to share it with you right now . 
I realized A. Filter out anything toxic . In doing this I realized some of the people I cared about the most were the ones holding me back .

How did I realize this ? When you focus on a goal and strive for it with everything you can't let negativity in your head . 
Or you will fail . Remember water can't sink a boat unless you let it in . 
You have to put on the virtual head phones and believe in yourself . 

You can win !!!! While on lookers can tell you , you will never make it . Drop them from your life and keep going . All you need is cheer leaders . 

B.  The more you do this , you will create positive energy and positive people . I had amazing people surround me and help me win my goal . Pretty soon it's all you see is the good . Nothing bad will be in your focus or camera . 

C. Then comes joy . What a concept . How many of you feel deafeted , sad , 
Depressed ?????
You need to clean your lense like I said and you will find a new joy and strength . 

D. God - putting my faith in him letting him be in control is #1. When you feel alone he is always their to guide you .

So please don't wait for tomorrow start your journey today . 

Thank you to all my friends - 

Agent Orange 

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