Monday, May 2, 2016

Doing The Impossible

Hitler had thousands of followers to murder innocent people . Jesus had 12 disciples to do good . 

What a powerful message to think about. Daunting isn't it ? How many times does that toxic person come to you and say something negative to you and tries to back it up by saying so and so agrees or maybe your bullied by a group of individuals and you let it get you down . You think it must be true because it's them against you ? 

Not the case . 

Here is another example - the owner of Starbucks was turned down 34 times before he was accepted now look at his business . 

Or maybe a room full of models and the simple girl in the corner stands out the most beautiful ? 

My point is never ever lose faith in who you are , always be you . People work for the dreamers , because they are the ones who made it happen . Don't let miserable people tarnish your shine . 

Hold your light high . No one can say you can't . 

Agent Orange 

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