Monday, May 16, 2016


It's 6 am I'm warm in my bed and about to get up for my day . Today I want to talk about trust and disappointment . 

How many times do we put our trust in someone because they promise they will be careful with our hearts ? Those quiet careful egg shell steps we take and we decide to give it a shot , then in one moment with out warning they disappear like you never mattered at all , maybe you have someone who cheated or lied . 

Your plagued with disappointment , and confusion . 

What is their to do ? You think why ? 
The one thing I think we need to do is take a long hard look in our own mirror . 

You say Amy that makes no sense , it wasn't our fault . True , I agree . But is there a such thing as all of the sudden ? 

Maybe we need to chose more carefully . 
Maybe they weren't treating that great ,
Maybe they were but they had a lot of personal issues . We tend to ignore those issues because they told us , " trust me."

Then the worst happens . I can tell you three things , I know we sit in shock and pain , lose sleep and wonder . But if you remember these three things I promise it will help 

1. They did you a favor . 
Do you want to be with someone who cares so little about you they can't say good bye ? No explanation at all . 
Someone who is a coward who cheated and ruined your trust ? 
Is that the kind of life you deserve ? No 

2. Love yourself . I know we sit and think where we went wrong . But it's not you it's them . If there was an issue with you they wouldn't leave or cheat , they would recognize that you matter and they would communicate with you . 

3. Keep your focus on your daily goals 
Nothing will feel better or keep you moving forward like achieving what your meant to do . Be positive and the right person will come along . 

I'm sorry someone tried to break you , 
That just means they were broken themselves . Don't ignore the signs next time , most importantly keep your chin up 

It's their loss any way - 

Agent Orange 

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