Monday, May 23, 2016

Number On My Back

It's late the day has run stale I'm listening to AFI in bed and I'm writing to you about the number system - 

I mean it goes something like this , 
Last night was amazing , we been seeing each other for a few months now and we connect . For some reason he disappeared ? Never to be heard from again ? 

I call this the number system , like a tagged and numbered human ready for the slaughter . Doesn't mean you slept with them , maybe you did , maybe you didn't . My point is , the number system works when your left questioning in the end . 

Now the number system is NOT - ok when you have a one night stand or two night stand of great sex and great connection knowing it's just that . 

So I want this blog to cover all aspects of what is ready for slaughter and what you indeed tagged your self " ladies." 

Pardon me while I clear my throat but it's true . So let's remove those Scarlett's letters and get down to the dirty truth . 

Example A.
You have a unicorn he isn't the settling type , you know this - DO NOT shake your head at me , you have the best sex of your life , he's amazing , he's a god , 
Yes he is , but we know coming in what he is . You can't change him and then be mad you didn't change him . Or be sad he does not text or call / 

All you can do move on . Or maybe have another night of fun . 

You were tagged you are just a number this is the number system . You can't be mad but it is what it is . 

Example B. 

You date someone a few months and things are perfect . So it seems . You talk all day , things seem great then one day he is gone . Maybe you met his friends and family . Your left with the burning question , what did I do wrong ? 

Your Prince Charming has vanished you feel like a foolish girl . 

We're you tagged for the kill ? Maybe , maybe not . 

Google seems to have an answer for everything . But I think I have the better answer . 

All in all some men are bad at communicating , some or most can be cowards . Not ready to commit . Maybe there scared , immature , maybe they have issues , but someone who walks away do they deserve you ? 

Your hear left alone to find someone else that does not bother them because at the moment they are more important than you . Last time I looked I was very important to myself . So why would I choose  someone who does not put me first or any where at all ? 

You only deserve the best . People should be chasing each other , being there through the very best and the very worst . 

So how do we become from being another number ? Giving ourself for nothing ? 

I don't have the answer . But don't become bitter or angry or you will start writing numbers - and you are not that person or you wouldn't be reading this now . 

Make sense 

Agent Orange 

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