Friday, April 8, 2016

New News

I have not connected on here for a while and this was my dearest friend so here I am tonight - hold on while I find the perfect music , because we know this is most important .... 

Yellow card wins - How I go . Quite fitting 
The past few months , has been really strange for me , being these blogs are about setting goals and stepping out side of the box to accomplish something different . 

This year I set goals and accomplished almost all of them but 2. So something needs to change -now . Do you feel this way ? 
You work what works , and change what does not . I'm more than what my life is right now . I know this , so I need to become what I am . Make sense ? 

I am blessed I have wonderful friends that I've had for years . I urge you guys to start a thank you journal . Start small it opens you up to what you actually have instead of what you don't . Every day you write what your thankful for . It's amazing how your outlook changes . Go buy a journal keep it in your car . You don't believe me ? Try it . 

I urge every one to step out of your comfort zone . 

-Agent Orange 

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