Friday, January 1, 2016

Why Love is Most Important

The day was long and cold , you know what I mean by cold , not the weather ... 

I wanted to write to you today , to share something important , to drill a hole in your brains and into your hearts and hopefully your soul . 

Tori Amos is streaming through my iPhone listening to , Not The Red Baron . 

I'm laying in my bed , and wondering how to craft these words carefully . 

We live in this dating world , we date and if something doesn't seem right sometimes we block the person and Bamb there gone . Technology has taught us to be inhuman . We're so used to being used and hurt . We have expectations so high that the prince of Dubia couldn't fo fill your wishes . 

Sometimes yes , we do need to lose a bad person here or their . But this message isn't about that , it's about listening to your instincts not your friends!

There's something that does or doesn't happen when 2 people meet . Love could happen in a day or a moment .

Who could know this but the two people involved ? On the flip side this is most important , just because something dosent work out , it dosent mean you can't be friends . Who do I need to take account to for that ??????? 

We take things so fucking personal when things don't work out , you throw people away liked used rags . 

I see everyone do it . But guess what it's not always about you , or you , or even you . Some people are fighting demons and battles and their good people . 

So be there for them , love them , be there friend . God says to love . Sometimes people need you , need compassion , need God . 

Look into people's hearts , I've met so many people this past year . Just because they weren't for me or it didn't work out , dosent mean they were not a gift in some way . 

Start looking to people as humans ! Treat them with love and kindness even if they can't !!! 

Sometimes we need that . 

- Agent Orange 

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