Friday, January 29, 2016

Butterfly Effect

Some words when spoken can't be taken back , walks on his own with thoughts he can't help thinking futures  above ,  but in the past he's slow and sinking ....- Pearl Jam

This blog is a little different than most . It's half past midnight , and this subject has been buzzing around to push my pen for weeks . Sometimes I can't locate my thoughts to map them out eloquently on paper , but I'll do my very best tonight .

As a Christian God blesses us with gifts . In the bible it states these gifts . Most people are blessed with certain gifts . I suppose if you don't believe in God or the Bible what I'm about to say may seem crazy but I'll tell you it's true . God blessed me with words of knowledge and discernment . Meaning I will know things about certain people so I can pray for them or help them in some way . Some times there strangers . I'll go to them tell them God asked me to pray for them for something they will be amazed I know something that only they know . But that's how God works . We are his messengers sometimes .
Lately I been wondering why I have this gift . It's been something that's been happening daily . I prayed , God gave me an answer , I wanted to share .

Every day we see people on the surface , we judge their intentions . We are quick to hate , to push away , build walls , and not help . I see it all day long . How many times do we hear he's a loser , fat , poor , drug addict , user , broke , ugly , who're , bad parent , stupid , idiot , list goes on . Right ?

We refuse to see the story or let's just go beyond that - how about let's try love . People are so full of their own pain and bitterness they just don't care about other people's pain .

Let me give you an example : there was a homeless boy , a group of people said lets help the boy , a woman stated , " no ! Why should I !, he's probably on drugs !"

Ummmm , I remember last none of us are without sin . Not her , not me , not you .
Jesus loved the murders , adulters , the sick , he loved us all .

I know I have this gift so I can see the hearts of people to learn to love unconditionally . Without reservation . Am I saying to be in an abusive relationship ? No . Or put yourself in a bad situation ? No .
What I'm saying is to love , unconditionally , your sin is not different then theirs . Guess what saved you ? Love . What will save them ? Love !!!!!!!

So before you call someone a loser -

Why don't you love them instead .

- Agent Orange

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