Sunday, December 27, 2015


The homeless man grants me a smile as I walk past , I think it's the first gift of the day . I walk into Starbucks it's cold and December likes to remind me of the comings and the " goings " . 

I realised this morning at half past 4 I wasn't ready for you just as much as you weren't ready for me . But I let you know me the opportunity was there , and you never read one page . 

So I sit here drinking my tea on my lunch break wondering why am I alone . Darlings I struggle with the idea , but believe me these things are by choice . 
Have you heard - to think is to create ? 

I'm much smarter then I let on to audiences who don't take the time , so if you have no clue what I'm saying then this story is not written for you . 

My audience knows me . Since I have 2% left on my phone , I'm left to find love once again , but for the person who wants to invest , and what is investing you ask ? 

- Agent Orange 

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