Sunday, January 31, 2016

What's your Dream

I suppose as I lay here in my bed , under piles of blankets fighting off today's wrinkled faces and disasters and triumphs . I gained some things and lost others . Tori Amos ( The Red Baron ) plays aloud this time from my new iPhone 6 as I write .

The subject is the greatest wish -
What is your greatest wish ? A vacation ? A car perhaps ? To heal of some sort of deadly disease ?
Mine I've found to be quite simple but yet unattainable .

To love and be loved . Not the kind from family or children . But unconditional love from a man . I don't know what that means to have a best friend that's loyal who won't leave . Who wants to know me , who I can travel with . You know that guy . I see marriages taken for granted , people sleeping on couches , while The single moms out there go to bed with out any one really caring about how our day really went . Imagine that .

I can write a poem about loss , and revenge and fairy tales ........

It seems simple right . For all of us , I work 14 hours a day I'm not out looking , maybe something's aren't meant to be

- Agent orange

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