Sunday, December 13, 2015

From 313

It's day 4 in this hospital . I'm alone and I thought maybe I could write something insightful . Driving to work and feeling like the devil was crushing my heart in half , I thought should I go to work or the hospital . Sadly , this is what a single mom thinks . Bills , children , sales goals, before my health . Maybe it's what landed me here now . 15 hour days , energy drinks to get through them . 

On my drive to the hospital I called my mom scared and I told her , I can't die like this . I'm 37 . Nothing was right . I wasn't where I wanted to be and my kids needed me . My heart was pounding I was in pain , I couldn't breathe . I imagined I might not make it to the hospital , but I just told her over and over I can't die like this mom . 

My whole life I've fought for everything 
And it wouldn't end now . 

This blog isn't my eye opener blog . But what it is about is no matter what keep your faith In God , keep people in your life who care for you . I mean the ones who have your back , that means loyalty . 

Get rid of the rest . No excuses . None . 
If someone cares ( truly ) they will show up in a way that says , I care . You won't doubt it . They won't hurt you . 

Secondly fight for your dreams . 
And never stop believing . 

Lastly always love unconditionally . That means loving with out expecting return 

What a concept . 

Love you all 

-Agent Orange 

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