Thursday, November 5, 2015

They Asked

What it is I'm looking for - 

I was talking to an old friend last week , he said , what do you want Amy ? I said ," A best friend I can do things with and have sex with and cuddle is that so hard to find ?. " 
He replied ' that's love my dear . 

I've been single so many years I don't look for anything and have found true love once . Since then I've found one person who maybe could fit a close second to the bill .  But I thought - so we're back at square one . 

I think it's funny we have these things we look for , and that's the problem . You have to take that list and burn it . I'm serious . I know you think I've gone a little mad , but it's true . 

The only 1 important thing to me is faith in God . 

Other than that , it's about 2 people connecting on a whole different level . 
Has nothing to do with his car , career , or anything else for that matter . 

Let's take an example - 
I may go on a date with a guy who is very attractive , good job , smart , exc exc - 

But - if there is no connection I'm yawning . Am I right ? 

I once had an instant connection with someone over a picture . I talked to him it only grew more . The connection is still strong today . It's rare thing to find . 

It wasn't because of his job , or car . It just was their . 

I feel him when he is not their , I know when he is going to drop back in my life in advance . ( connections ) that stuff is not fake or lust . 

I can date and talk to many guys , but not find a soul connection . 

I had this only once before on a higher level a few years ago . Much deeper though . 

My point is , people say , Amy what are you looking for ? 

Honestly before I die I just want to know that someone loved me , like I loved them , in a soul connection . 

I'm not a romantic at all . But in this instance I may be I guess . Maybe the only time you will ever read anything like this , so this post is as rare as love at first sight ...... 

So please write your list - and burn it . 
Because what your looking for will not fit in any of your boxes . 

And your welcome . 

- Agent Orange 

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