Tuesday, November 17, 2015


There's something to goodbyes isn't their 
The way we let certain memories come and go as they please into our hearts and our minds . Reeking havoc and setting the path into the new thread of memories to come . 

Some say we do not choose our destiny. 
I fully believe that is true . But you can keep destiny from happening . Is that true ? Maybe , maybe not . 

Can anything stop true love ? Can you hold on to one thing , making it impossible to take the next journey ? 

If you have my heart how can I give it to him ? But maybe destiny says its his. 
Who really has the answer to these benchmarks . 

Maybe the answers are good bye for now . Hello for today . Maybe it's a new future were headed on too - 

But it's all part of the journey . Just listen 


- Agent Orange 

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