Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Love Project - book

The love project is a book I'm writing . The journey I have already shared with all of you . Not only loving your self but fo filling loving others . Not becoming a victim to anyone's circumstance and pushing yourself to become your own butterfly and achieve dreams with out letting others pull you down with their own insecurities . 

As a child I was told I was not pretty enough not good enough by the man who raped me as a young girl . I couldn't tell the secrets of this rape I began to write to find my voice . Through this I found a musician and poet Tori Amos who teaches beauty comes from individuality , freedom of expression and love through art and history . 
It's through this I was born through my writing and found beauty through pain . 

As I grew up I had a ridged family , where something's were not acceptable , some music , tattoos , exc .... 
I think the same is true in society today so many people grow up with out their voice , some where along the way some one took it away - 

We go by what rules say or magazines say and it's wrong . The most beautiful things come from loving people for who they are . If someone is pointing the finger at you telling you , you are not ok that is not true at all - it's because they don't love who they are . 

Let me share some lyrics from Tori Amos read them carefully ok - 

Hey kid
I've got a ride for you
They say your brain is a comic book tattoo
And you'll never be anything
"What will you do with your life"
Oh, that's all you hear
From noon till night

Take a trip on a rocket ship baby
Where the sea is the sky
I know the guy who runs the place
And he's out of sight
Flying Duchman
Are you out there?
Flying Duchman
Are you out there?
Flying Duchman

Straight suits
They don't understand
She tried that one with the alligator boots

Read more:  Tori Amos - Flying Duchman 

Some people live in pain . But it's our job to have joy and to love . I'm tired of hearing , " Amy your 37 why did you get that tattoo " . Ummmm me and everyone else . And why does it matter if I fly to the moon ? Let's ask this question . Am I good parent ? A hard worker ? Yes . So why can't you just love me unconditionally ? 

I'm writing this blog for everyone and I hope this post gets shared . It's not just about tattoos you see it's about dreams and being brave and being supportive . 

Love each other . When you don't your teaching your children and grandchildren not to love . And your teaching them to not love unconditionally !!!!! Your teaching them to love with terms and conditions !!!!! 

It makes my stomach hurt . It makes me sad . You have a dream follow it ! You want to pierce your nose at 80 do it ! 

This is the love project . I'm writing a book help spread the word and the love . Please share this blog . 

- Agent Orange 

Amy Everett 

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