Friday, September 25, 2015

Goal Post

Foo fighters - ever long is a great song , My friend Phil got me listening to it now it's my turn to get you to listen to it . And as it streams through my head phones I will write today's blog -

I started this blog a year and half ago . I wanted it to encourage others in hope and in love . Sometimes I read back and I encourage myself on the days I forget how strong I am . 

The one thing I always say to any one is keep your integrity and be you . When friends ask for advice I tell them the same. Sometimes in life we get hurt or others will hurt us . But as long as you can look in the mirror and say I have integrity and I'm being true to myself your doing ok . 

Secondly focus on the goals at hand . I have set goals I write them down and crush them . Maybe there are a few I got close that's ok too . You keep pushing keep making new goals . 

Sometimes the higher you get the more heat you get . People don't like to see others accomplishing anything . It doesn't matter how nice you are , or who you are , you can't please the masses . 

Keep your focus on the finish line . You can't win watching the side lines . 

Thirdly - to your friends and enemies give love . This is called character . I mean your going to win right ? All that matters is who's at the end cheering you on . 

It's rough I know . Don't lose your joy , sometimes I do , but I'm reminded God is there , friends are there , and look to some of the great people on your journey 

Never give up !! Follow the rules 

-agent orange 

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