Thursday, October 8, 2015

Secret to Success

Success is bred in silence - 

My friend Chris is young and maybe at only 20 something was very rich . We would go into stores in LA . He would pick out the most expensive watches , a woman would look at him like he was trash and refuse to help him . He would leave and spend twice as much some where else . 
Did he look like a punk ? No . He looked like an every day guy who didn't flash his money . I would say , Chris why wouldn't you just tell them ? He would say , " Amy I'm not pulling that card , it's ok ." 

He was one of my best friends his parents had died . Really nice guy . That lady lost a sale based on judgement . 

I remember his words til this day - 
Amy , I'm not pulling that card . 

I started my blogs when I was 12 . To help people who have been abused . To walk hand in hand as I was abused as a kid . To say hey I did it , I'm a survivor and you can survive to . We can be strong together . 

I know what's it's like to be through a lot of hard things . But I'm not a victim I'm a survivor a fighter . It's sad when people try to rip others to shreds . It's an evil world . They do it for no reason . 

Like when Chris walked into that store , just to buy a watch . We walk into situations right , and people who never spent any time with us rip us apart like wolves , 

Our character , our integrity , for what reason ? 
So Amy , what is this blog about ? I'll tell you . 
Chris could've said , hey I'm a millionaire 
I'm this , I'm that . Right ? 

Or in any war we can tell any person who is lacking in their own life who would rather start a smear campaign against you , about why they should stop is just a waste of your energy . 

Because - why pull that card ? 

If one fool is arguing and another joins , can you tell who is the fool ? 

If you have an army of friends , family who love you does it matter what one enemy thinks ? 

If anyone follows your enemies than they never believed in you anyway and they weren't worried about facts . 

My advice is just keep being you - 
Let the fools fall all on their own . 

- Agent Orange 

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