Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How Does It Grow

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You'll make it now- Once Lyrics 

Choice is such a key word right ? Or is it . 
Do we choose to love , do we choose who we love ?  Maybe there are different forms of love . 
We chose a husband or wife , the marriage is going bad , someone chooses not to work on it , marriage is work , then someone chooses to either to revive it or let the fire die . Choices . 
I fill out an app on online dating , they check all my boxes , their nice . We get married . Choices . 
But what happens when - 
Your sitting in a meeting or at a bar or any where for that matter and someone walks into a room and it hits you instantly 
It's not lust - it's love at first sight . You can't sleep or eat , from that moment on its a connection between you and them .
Who chooses this for you ? Most importantly how do we choose out ? We can't . Those are imprinted like cuspids stamp on our soul . To never be removed or forgotten . 
So - is true love meant to happen this way ? The kind that you have no control over ? 
Or do I dare the nice guy and let it grow . Choices . Love is a choice . But some love isn't . The kind that wrecks you , that messes you and kills you . You know the stories about lovers who die together in old age ? I bet they loved at first sight . 
We call those twin flames . I've met mine.
Once . I also had the other kind of love , and the love at first sight erases all love before it . 
Can it happen again ? Or do we just check the boxes . I can't move on to an ordinary life now . 
So tell me , have you known the difference ? 

Revision : this morning I see hot guy at gas station we exchange smiles and I'm reminded - chemistry is everything . Have a good day ;) 

- Agent Orange 

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