Thursday, August 13, 2015

Final Days

My 90 day journey ended a few days ago. The journey that began solely due to being tired of the way things were going in my life . I work 13-14 hours a day but wasn't making enough money , I was training with my trainer not hitting my goals and most importantly I felt I had nothing to offer someone in a relationship. I was tired and worn thin . 

I was not happy . I decided to drop dating and focus on my goals . Means put my head in the game . For 90 days no excuses . Am I exactly where I need to be at ? No . But did I push yes . 

My sales at work are almost doubled . I'm on my way on my health journey . Lost 9 pounds . Still going / 

What I've learned in 90 days has been mind blowing - little did I know it meant so much more . 

When something didn't work out be it dating or friendships or work , I told myself i was lacking . I wasn't enough . 

In my 90 days I learned if someone doesn't want you or it doesn't work then it's their loss really . It wasn't meant to be . I was enough . I began to be confidant .
In my confidence my sales grew , and so did my joy . 

I might not be at my goal line yet but I will be soon . I've worked hard to over come demons , learn to set boundaries , and know I'm worth it . That's the key . 

I was always strong , I always worked hard , but inside I was falling apart . 

I'm glad I did my 90 days - thank you Sarah for this idea we came up with . 

The best way to explain what I learned is I've become a pillar , and if you want to stand with me , we stand together , if you don't I will not fall ...... 

Thank you to you guys for being my friends and helping me through this . 

Love you all 
-Agent Orange 

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