Monday, August 10, 2015

Signs -

Those who dance are considered insane by those who don't hear the music - Nietzsche 

Nothing explains my next blog better than the line above . In fact this line is so true I might get it as my next tattoo - 

If you read my blog on twin flames and it makes no sense to you , then this might seem " insane " as well -  

Sometimes when something profound happens to us we get to hear things on a higher vibration , ( energy ) 
Have you met someone you had the connection with ? Not just a " connection" , as in same likes , back ground , not even love at first sight . This is deeper . 

Soul at first sight - where you can read them inside and they read you - it's not about lust or games it's just eye to eye the window of the soul . It's more than love - it's everything in one moment . You know them . To read more on this read my last blog post - 

This one goes a little deeper - 

So you connect to them right ? You feel there pain . You know when something is wrong . So what if their across the city ? The state ? The country ? 

Your not speaking for x y z reason - you get over whelming feeling in your chest out of no where , of them good or bad .
Can you feel each other ? Can we have conversations in our hearts and send our energy to them ? Can they feel it ? 
You think I'm crazy ? The brain is powerful tool . I was at a life course seminar and watched strangers do it to each other - why couldn't your deepest connection ? 

Heard of mothers intuition ? Had a feeling a friend would call and the phone rang ? 
Thought of someone and ran into them ?

I believe in one God yes , I do believe he is in control , yes . But - I believe in the power of energy , and brain . To think is to create . 

I can't prove what I know is to be true - 
But I do know I have had a sense of panic and wrote him an email and next day I was right on with what he was going through . Happened so many times - 

Ive been guided by it in decisions . It sounds " insane "? 

Read this line again and think for a moment - 

Those who dance are considered insane by those who don't hear the music - Nietzsche 

Do you hear the music ? 

- Agent Orange 

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