Monday, August 17, 2015


It's dark in my room , I'm listening to The Brand New : play crack the sky ... 

I haven't written in a while , so here I am . 
I think I want to touch on leaving and staying . 

If someone loves you , will they leave because it's what's best ? Or if someone loves you , do they find away to stay in your life ? 

These questions I know haunt many people . I think there's is a yes to both questions .  Maybe I'm wrong . I know if your reading this , you asked the question yourself . Maybe you have an answer . 

But the answer isn't in the question you see . It's inside you . 

What kind of love do you need ? 
Someone can love each other but if they can't be what you need them to be should they stay ? 

Or in true love do they fight to win your love and stay ? 

I will tell you , love means putting the other first . If that means walking away , you walk away . 

But like I said the answer is in you , the right love stays 

- Agent Orange 

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