Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dating Game

So here is a reflection blog . I took 90 days off dating to reach goals , but now I would like to reflect on dating in whole . 

I here the same thing from so many woman , so I'm going to talk about it now 

I'm not one for romance or sappy movie , I don't really care if I'm single for the rest of my life . Why ? Not because I'm a hero of any sort or too independent , I just was never that way . But if I found the right person I know I could be . 

Someone special , different , aggressive , funny , honest , and truly cares about getting to know me as a person . 

Will I settle for less no - why ? Because I know it's out there . I found it once and maybe just maybe I will again . 

Let's talk about the issues of dating . I personally hate it . Why ? Let's jot down a list . I urge you to grab a pen and make one too . Don't worry we're going somewhere with this . 

1. He's super hot - but no intelligence 
2. Hes super hot - but just wants to have fun 
3. He is everything you dreamed of but won't commit . 
4. He spends all his time talking to you tells you he can't be with out you - sleeps with you and bails .... 
5. He's really cool but no chemistry 
Are you exhausted yet ? 

Technology makes it easy for people to just keep finding the next best thing . It's shallow - so how do we know ? 

How do we know it's real ? 
I think people should get to know each other better , meet people in real life not online . 

Write down what your looking for , if it's not feeling right let them know and move on . 
I used to think I knew if someone was full of it , I'm pretty good at reading people but the rug has been pulled out from under me a few times . 

My advice is - don't ever settle 
Don't ignore red flags 
And don't look for it . Because Mr right will come along when you least expect it 

- Agent Orange 

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