Sunday, June 28, 2015

Not Tomorrow

It's 5 am . I can't sleep on this cloudy Sunday morning . My daughter lays silently sleeping next to me , all I can hear is her sweet breathing . 

I want to talk about today . I also want you to grab a pen and paper and write your dreams down . They don't have to be material they could be anything . 

Sometimes we forget our dreams and what's most important to us . We get caught up in today , the mundane and we forget life is fragile , it can be taken from you at any instant . If it did would you have regrets ? 

What would they be . At my job I'm not treated very kindly at all . Get called every name in the book by co workers , managers . They treat us like a concentration camp and people are miserable . I wanted to quit last night , but I need my pay check . But why do I stay there ? 

Is your job this way ? 

It's really time to change things . For you and for myself . There was a man who really wanted an expensive sports car . He made it his goal to do everything he could to get it in 3 months . He currently was driving a very poor car that was falling apart . Every day he went to the gas station told the attendants to wash his Mercedes . They looked at him like he was crazy . He had no Mercedes . They washed his poor little car any way . 

One day he came in with the Mercedes . He said please wash my Mercedes . The attendants said in cheer , " you got a Mercedes !" The man said I had one all along . 

This my friends is called vision . Living your goal and seeing it as it happens . 

I urge you to find your dreams and live them and make them happen . 

Carpe Diem 

- Agent Orange 

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