Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Real Fight

I've never been " that girl " who has to be married or in a relationship . On the flip side though , I think I may be single forever . I'm turning 37 in 2 weeks . You see those people so happy in love , I'm left to wonder was I the cursed one ? 

What am I doing wrong ? 
Do I need you , him , or them ? No . But I'll tell you , it would be nice to find the best friend . 

The one who can open his heart , the one who won't pass out , disappear , or be a complete asshole and wonder why you won't call him back ....

After this sex in the city post of a girl living in a city of no sex , seems luck is running out on quality . 

Yes I see those Facebook filtered glamour pictures I'm not jealous of your quantity of men you bring home . I said quality . 

I get these pats on the back , don't worry Amy you will find him . 

I'm a pretty bad ass chick . Seems a lot of girls are in the same boat . 

Me and my girlfriends are not looking forward to being 80 playing bingo and wondering where our fish pool went 

- Agent Orange 

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