Monday, May 4, 2015

Kindness -

Warm under blankets fresh out of the shower , I was pondering today's blog . I'm listening to Jason Walker - Echo . Although it's not doing it for my creative mind so I'm changing it . Ender by Finch is better . 

I want to press upon acts of kindness . This past few weeks I've been under so much stress that 2 days ago I felt my heart just harden . All in all enough was enough in disappointments as they racked up faster than any football game . 

I was - defeated . Have you felt this way?
I try to win at all cost , rise above the storm , give my whole heart and - in an instant - failure . 

Your mood changes . Even the sweet laughter of my daughter couldn't break it.

A sweet woman at my work Marina did a kind act for me that day . In the middle of my work day and in an instant my hard heart disapated into ash . 

Did it solve my slow work week ? A break up ? My car working then not working ?

No . But did it make me forget ? Yes . 
Do you agree in small acts of kindness ?

For me it is the friend on facebook who surprises me at work with coffee on a bad day . Or a friend checking on how you are . A kind smile , a word of encouragement . 

How far can kindness go ? For your friends , family , customers and yes , even enemies . 

Try it in everything you do , you will be causing smiles every where and maybe one less tear 

- Agent Orange 

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