Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What Is Love

I imagine being in a small cafe in Paris , the clouds are grey it's cold . The crowd is buzzing around outside , and I am writing to you as I look at the Eiffel Tower .

The subject what is love ?

Love was something that was skewed to me since child hood . I imagine I lived a life not knowing what love meant until I was older .

The bible says love is patience , kindness , goodness , forgiving , takes no accounts of wrongs . Love over comes all things . Even a multitude of sin .

That is powerful .

Love is : feeding the homeless . Loving a friend no matter what . Apologizing for your past .
Love is unconditional never leaving and staying through the pain .

Love is reaching within someone else and loving them for how they need . Not just giving what's easy . Love is giving chances .

Love is acts of kindness and understanding . It's empathy .

This is love

- Agent Orange

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