Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Class is In

So I'm laying here at 11pm , in my bed . My precious daughter tucked under my arm and today begins to disapate in her warmth . I'm guided today to once again visit some things my dear loved ones are experiencing . I feel like I need to be your criminal here and break in your heads and rattle things up a bit ....

First go get a pen and paper . Go - I'm waiting . Don't roll your eyes at me either .
So you ready ?

Erase your other half out of your mind . They don't exist -

Write down everything you want In another person .
Then write down what you need from a relationship .
Whatever it is write it down !!!!!

Let's introduce your other half . The one who isn't committing , the one who leaves you confused .
The one who gives you mixed messages .

Check off your list what that person gives you .
Are they available emotionally ? No ?

Well they can't exaxtly love you , can they ?
Are they filling your boxes ?

As hard as it is to write this -
Look in the mirror ? Go ! Look !!!!

Your pretty hot right ? Have a lot to give ? Right ?

Why are you waisting your time ?!!!! When you could have the whole list ?
Plus more ?!!!!

If you died tomorrow - who would be at your funeral ? What impact did they have on your life ?

You know exaxtly what to do , but you hold on to crumbs instead of going after the  whole pie .....

So -go make your dreams happen -

It's their loss

- Agent Orange

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