Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I'm kind of obsessed with the new song from Fast and Furious 7 ( see you again ) . It's playing its sweet song into my headphones now as I write this blog .

My blog is about being jaded and desensitized to others . We're so used to being stepped on , used , broken by life . How can we open our hearts to strange new people ? I'm one I know to take my own advice I know . Don't be so gaurded they tell me . I think it's perfectly ok to be gaurded but be open and listen . Listen to people . What do I know ? My true love isn't with me , I have best friends who loved me and deceived me . Life happens . It's not about the world around you , it's about you . Be clear In what you are looking for . It is then you will find the diamonds .
And diamonds stay forever .

Trust God for the answers . Open your heart and pray for the path you should take

- Agent Orange

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