Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Bigger Picture

Today we will talk about what I've discussed so many times before . How to deal with a confusing situation . In this I mean , he or she left with no word no reason , or you been with them along time and there is no talk about feelings . Whatever it may be , integrity is lacking . Of course they said , they have integrity , Of course they called all the time . So what went wrong ? I don't know ? You don't know , your friends don't know , neither does Google or Siri ....

What we do know is .. Who cares !!!! Tell yourself that every time you miss them . Because if they cared about you , you wouldn't be sick to your stomach wondering why ! And they would've had the balls to tell you .

Yea ... If they were worth it they would say : hey it's not working because x y Zzzz ....

So , if your up at night wondering what you did wrong to make them leave you , they weren't worth it any way because a true friend would've told you ...

So f u

- Agent Orange

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