Saturday, January 10, 2015

Slice Of Life

What is the truth ? 

I have no idea ? This is what I do know . Everything is about games and we question everything .... So here is my take on life , at 37 , but then again what do I know ? After 2 divorces and 40 boyfriends ? 

I probably know a hell of a lot . I have a lot of life experience . I've had great guys and not so great . I'm not a hater of men I've only been a hater of myself , this in its self is the only thing I can tell any one is a set back to any relationship . Because you will put up with almost anything . 

It's so cliche I know the saying to love you before you love some one else but it's true . This is my flaw loving me . 

Have I loved ? Sure . Have I had my one true love ? Sure . 

The one bit of advice I would give anyone is to be true to yourself first . 
Then someone can love you second , you know what I mean ... 

- Agent Orange 

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