Saturday, December 20, 2014

Russian Roulette

Today's blog : 

It's funny , this past week has been disheartening , and disappointing . But what I found is , I need to take my own advice . I read my blog from this month . Today's me needs to listen to past me . 

Conversation with my self . I realize how great my advice is and how hard it is to take it , when it comes to matters of the heart ..... 

You finally meet some one great , your becoming good friends .... And holt it's gone !!  

So this goes back to my blog waiting game , I wrote as advice to all others , but now it's written directly to myself . 

See the red arrows and that redicilous sign ? Yes , it's me ... 

Advice is : sometimes we don't have the answers , we lose sleep , feel sick , but we just have to move on . Try not to lose faith ... Right ? No matter how hard it is .

So my advice to all of you , is : follow your hearts theirs no regret in that ... 

Chins up - mine included 

Cheers -
Agent Orange 

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