Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's Today's Business

This blog is an open forum . I don't write about specific situations , I just want to gather years of experience and put into helping any one who needs it . 

I welcome comments and discussion . This is meant to be positive . 

Tonight I want to talk about society . Technology has taken everything away from us , in terms of love . 

I want to put this out correctly , I will say obviously I'm not perfect , no one is . We all make mistakes . Let's talk about what's forgivable . 

First off technology puts sex , dating and love at our fingertips . We lose respect for each other , we can't know character over text , or facial expressions over email . How would I know if your sad or happy , with out a phone call ? 

But yet instead of investing we jump to the next person , by the click of a button.

It's that easy right ? Do we have hearts or use them ? 

Friends don't disappear with out a sound, if they care . They have integrity  and communicate with each other . 

I have a friend , ok .. She's been seeing someone  a year , he gave her a cup for Christmas ( rubios ) ok . This isn't about being super facial , this is about matters of the heart . 

It's beyond me how people treat one another . They text instead of holding hands , we walk away instead of understanding , lie instead of telling the 
The truth . 

My point is , be respectful and honest . We're not Google clicks , we're humans and most of us aren't deuch bags . So please don't be one ... 
- agent orange 

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