Monday, December 15, 2014

Past vs Future

So in the past few months I realized one thing that resonates to anything else . I need to share with all of you . 

When you meet new people it helps get to know the people in your past better . 
You ask me ... How does this make sense ? I will tell you . 

By examples : but it goes with anything .
Expample one : I met an amazing guy in February . Probably the first person I ever truly loved . I thought I loved in the past but I realized I did not at all . Maybe a part of me but not all of me . 

How does this pertain ? I'll tell you . In meeting him , he was interested in my heart not getting down my pants . Every guy - everyone wanted just down my pants . Never saw me as a person . 

This alone meant everything and we became best friends . Our relationship ended due to circumstances out of our control . But a month later an ex called me and said , " let's hook up " . 

The vast difference changed me forever . I also realized the difference of now what I was looking for . I would never settle again . Do I want to have sex with my special someone ? Of course I do . But that wasn't the point , I wanted someone to care about who I am and be a friend .

I learned from my past how to know my future . Secretly I was always looking for a guy to say no . 

Do you know what I mean ? So embrace your past and future . Meet new people ,open your heart . You might find exactly what your looking for . Whatever it might be . 

-Agent Orange

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